Living Room Accessories

At Forest Sofa, we not only sell a huge range of handmade leather and Fabric sofas, but we also sell a large range of Living Room accessories. Our accessories range from armchairs, fireside chairs, tub chairs and stools to soft furnishings such as blankets and pillows. Accessories are a great way to add character and style to a particular room, with sales statistics showing that many of our customers, who purchased a sofa from us, also went on to purchase accessories to accompany their new purchase.

A huge array of customisations available

As we are a UK manufacturer, all of our sofas and chairs are manufactured by hand here in England. By doing this we can guarantee our customers with fantastic craftsmanship across our entire range. This also gives us the ability to manufacture bespoke items to fit your needs, or perhaps modify existing furniture to make it bespoke to you. Our accessories can also be produced in either fabric or leather depending on your needs.