Design and development

Forest Sofa is a brand leader in designing and developing a range of premium leather and fabric upholstered Sofas. Working from our two dedicated factories and offices in the heart of the Northwest, Forest Sofa has a large team of professional craftsmen & women that create a range of handmade furniture.

Our dedicated design and development team work closely with a number of clients to produce a range of bespoke products, using the latest in 3D aided design. At Forest Sofa we believe that designing the right piece of furniture is essential in helping our customers grow their business by offering their client’s a range of modern, handmade & quality furniture.

Each new sofa that we create undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the same high standards that our clients have come to expect. Each new piece of furniture is made from the same premium leather hides or one of our quality fabric ranges.

“Because we don’t make one-off orders, all of our designs incorporate the ‘blueprint’ neccesary for high quality mass production”


With a specialist design team at hand, the first process of the design stage is ideation. This involves our team sitting down with you, the client, to discuss what kind of design you are looking to create, whether that is a vintage style of sofa or perhaps a contemporary one.

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The second stage of our design process is the concept stage. In this stage we are looking to develop on the ideas you currently have, and to understand what you are trying to achieve from having a bespoke sofa designed.

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Looking to have a new style of sofa designed? Or perhaps one of our existing designs altered? With over 50 years of designing and manufacturing sofas, Forest Sofa has proved to have the experience and expertise it takes to develop and produce furniture from the ground up.

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3D CAD Design

At Forest Sofa we believe in the creation of beautifully handmade products that are made entirely in England from start to finish. This process ultimately starts with the design process and is something that we are proud to say that we do in house.

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Sample Development

Once we have mapped out your idea and produced a 2D / 3D model, we then work towards gathering and testing materials that might be suitable for your product. This stage of the process is called Sample Development and involves sourcing a variety of materials that may be suitable for the particular design.

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Latest Product Development

Please find below our latest product development. Each one of our products has been through our development process consisting of 3D sketching, 3D CAD and then finally rigorous testing to ensure the product is ready to be used in the mass market.

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