3D CAD Design

At Forest Sofa we believe in the creation of beautifully handmade products that are made entirely in England from start to finish. This process ultimately starts with the design process and is something that we are proud to say that we do in house.

Using the latest computer aided technology; we can design an array of fantastic furniture to suit a variety of tastes and styles. Our design process is tailored to suit individual retailers throughout the UK, to ensure a smooth running process that cements the relationship between our partners and ourselves.

The styles of our sofas and chairs are gathered through a variety of inspirational products throughout the world. Our design team is constantly sourcing ideas and inspiration to bring our clients a range of fantastic ideas to choose from that are new and exclusive.

Once we have produced a new design, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is suitable for the mass market, and will withstand the test of time. Using computer aided design and technology gives us the best possible route to developing new products to a high standard with time and efficiency, whilst also minimizing the cost and waste involved with traditional production techniques.