About The Chesterfield Company

Forest Sofa is the proud supplier of The Chesterfields Companies distinctive range of premium leather Chesterfield Sofas and Sofa beds, as well as a wide range of contemporary sofa pieces.  The Chesterfield Company website was launched in 2004, and over the years as consumer trends changed we created and released a string of new designs.

With Forest Sofa’s experienced manufacturing team, two production facilities and an in house design team, bringing unique and exclusive Chesterfield Sofa designs to the public has been a pleasure and great success.  The Chesterfield Sofa is an iconic design, but adding twists to this timeless classic has ensured the Chesterfield Sofa remains current, interesting and a statement piece in the home.

Our innovation and continued desire to maintain this English classic design possibly one of the most popular and iconic sofa brands (perhaps in the world) the Chesterfield Sofa is a timeless piece that can be made to suit almost every style of living.  The iconic deep buttons of the sofa take time and skill to upholster, this dedication to the trade and skill is what makes a true Chesterfield sofa a heritage piece and The Chesterfield Company will ensure the true art of making a quality Chesterfield sofa is retained.

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